Monday, March 06, 2006

i've been really sick

well, it happened. i had my first time of being sick. it was kinda weird the way it all happened.

i had a couple rough nights last week, but we think it's my teeth growing. one evening my mama finally just layed me on her bed and laid down with me while i whined. nothing made me feel better. she tried to explain to me that one of the things i have to learn in life is how to hurt. she said she wished she could keep me from hurting...ever. but that life doesn't work like that. often when parents try to keep their babies from hurting at all, that the babies don't grow into adults that know how to deal with hurt. so, she said she would stay with me while i hurt. so, i thought we had learned a little bit of that lesson that would last us awhile.

then it really hit!

saturday night mama saw i had thrown up in my sleep about midnight. so, she changed my sheets and fed me...and i threw up on her. so i went to sleep with an empty stomach. i slept through the rest of the night and was pretty happy when i woke up, so she fed me...and i threw up on her. i had a temperature and diarrhea, too. that was how we spent sunday. daddy went to the chemist and got me some medicine, and we called this medical hotline type thing (nhs direct). my fever broke late into sunday night, and i was much better yesterday. i slept alot and am back to eating small amounts when i was little. :)

i don't like when my teeth hurt or being sick. and my parents don't like not being able to fix whatever is wrong. but hopefully we will all continue to get better at me hurting!