Thursday, September 06, 2007

i say the darnedest things

the thing is, i don't really know that i am being funny. and that seems to make the grown ups around me find me even more funny. here is a short list of the funny things i have said recently

"thank you god for juice" -my usual list is gideon (ghea), kate, rich (witch), grandma, pap, map (a character off dora the explorer which mom always reminds me is not a real person), dada, momma, and becca. sometimes i add in my friends mischa and ethan (eat-eat) just to mix it up a little.

"merci beaucoup, thank you very much" (i was a big hit in france with that one, but i say it in both languages like its one word)

"hello this is jamie" (while holding daddy's mobile up to my ear after spending the morning at work with momma)

(and, in preparation for the christmas trip home, last week)
momma: lyvi, say oklahoma
lyvi: poh-poh-momma

(and this week)
momma: lyvi, say oklahoma
lyvi: pokey-momma

i talk about anything on "go diego go" at almost any time, but some of my most common recurring themes are...
maned wolf
...evidently these aren't animals that many other one year olds talk about.

also, anything and everything can, at any time, be lying down or sad and crying (those two always go together)... stuffed animals, crayons, juice cups, broccoli...pretty much anything.

my current favorite song is 'i'm a little teapot' but i really just like the 'tip me over' part. a couple weeks ago i went through a 'jesus loves me' phase, and i am so over 'itsy bitsy spider'. but i am always up for pretty much any song from the wizard of oz, although 'we're off to see the wizard' is what i request. i also love songs from boz, diego, and dora (we did it). and if its got a good beat, i just have to get up and dance.

i have also learned 'scared'. so sometimes i talk about being scared of the goose when we went to the farm, or the wind in the trees, the hoover or blender, or if the birds suddenly fly out of the trees. i am now learning happy and that it goes with smile.