Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i made it!!

what in the world is going on? my crazy parents kept me up for like 16 hours straight last friday! well, okay, i took a few naps, but didn't go down for my big sleep at my normal time. actually, i am pretty confused about what my normal time is.

i now have a passport, am officially a united states citizen, have a social security number...and have made my first trans-atltantic flight. who's a big girl now!?! i did really well on my flight. we had great seats, a whole row of five seats in the middle just for our family...after the stewardess moved this stubborn lady. i only really cried once...when we were landing. what is up with the ears...crazy stuff. i would fuss a little, but my parents played with me, fed me, changed me in the worlds smallest bathroom...then we landed in chicago. we were in chicago a really long time. our flight was delayed...and delayed...and delayed. it's a good thing i was there, my mom and dad really started getting tired, frustrated, and impatient. we almost got a hotel room instead of waiting on the flight, but it all worked out. i slept from before we got on the plane through to the next morning...even through meeting grandma barbara and pap for the first time...i was tired!!

i have met a ton of people. we went to 2 different churches on sunday...the first time i've ever been to church twice in one was alot to take in! but i was friendly to everyone, and didn't complain.

monday night i went out with the girls from our church in shawnee. it was fun, they all held me and passed me around. tuesday i got to know our friends the goss family. olivia (who i was named after), maris, and bizzy were all so nice to me. i got this great blanket for christmas, i can't wait to show my friends back in london. today we slowed down a little, i have had 3 big days in a have mom and dad. they are still pretty tired from the jet lag, and are trying to relax into vacation mode.

i'm not very homesick yet, it's a lot of fun exploring new things here. i have spent more time in the car than i ever have. i think i like it. i fall asleep alot, but i only whine when i lose my dummy.

i'm starting to grab onto things, like the edge of blankets and shirts. last saturday i was sitting in my chair at grandma and paps and finally noticed that there were these fun animals hanging right in front of me! i did that while my mom and dad left me for the first time. they went to some place i have never heard of, called wal-mart. i don't get it, but they were really excited.

this place is alot different, but i'm having fun so far. these grandparent people are great, i am so glad i have them.