Saturday, October 14, 2006

walking, one, and wonderful

well, i did it. i survived a whole year of life ex-utero. i feel so old. i can't believe how big the kids are getting. everytime i see gideon and molly at church it reminds of the good old days before solid food and...walking.

yeah, i walk now. no biggie. i love doing laps around the living room. i kinda like walking outside, like at the park, but there is so much cool stuff to check out on the ground that i usually only take a couple steps before i see something i feel compelled to try and put in my mouth. mom says the finger sweep is getting old, and painful with all my teeth. even grandma and becca are getting in on the action.

i love having all these people around. there is always someone to entertain me, i don't have to do anything on my own. the slightest whimper and it is just the excuse someone was waiting on to come and spoil me. i love entertaining others. i sing, i dance, i talk, i give empassioned speeches, i run when chased. i really like playing ball, i'm pretty good at rolling it to someone else, and blowing on the ball to make a fart sound. overall, i must say i am rather engaging.

so, have you caught blues clues yet? it is awesome. i only get to watch it some days, but wait till i figure out how to work the remote. as my new friend becca says "it'll be on like donkey kong" (no, i don't know what it means either, but its fun to say).

so, becca is awesome. she is way cool and is teaching me how to be cool. i love how she is so laid back. a nice break from my neurotic mother. does anyone else have one of those or is it just me? she is teaching me colours and cool words like "socks". up til now i mostly just use "buh" for ball, book, bath, bottle, bye-bye. i have lots of b words in my life. anyway, i really like hanging out with her and don't really even notice if mom or dad are around. hanging out with parents is so over. only babies who aren't yet one do that. becca and i both love to read, although she doesn't seem to be very good at sharing her books with me. what's up with that? i totally share with her. whatever.

sorry its been so long since addressing my adoring public. mom and dad haven't been to focused on letting me get on the computer to post cute pics or witty comments. we have been really busy settling into our new house, working, getting ready for becca and grams. things are starting to settle down now, so that's good. anyway, i'll try to keep my blog more updated.