Sunday, June 04, 2006

how 'bout those birds?

today i was walking with mama in the park and we saw the most amazing thing. there were these quick, little things flapping around in a puddle of water. every now and then onew would jump up. they walked really close to my buggy. mom said they were birds. i watched them for about 5 minutes.

an aploogy shout out to all my fans. mama, daddy, and i have been really busy lately, so mama and i haven't been too good about keeping up with our blogs. plus we have been sleeping really well lately, which is a good thing. but, our friend neil pointed out that we only blog at like 5:00 in the morning. blogs.

the quick update: i had a cold last week, one of my top teeth is getting ready to come through, i don't crawl yet, but i do a 180 on my belly, mostly to try to get the remote or computer cord. i dance by rocking back and forth when i'm sitting. i really like material girl by madonna. i like to pull the bumper in my cot. i like to sleep with my feet hanging out between the bars. butternut squash is my favorite veg, apple is my favorite fruit. i still don't like having my mouth wiped or when mom pulls something out of my reach. she can be a real party pooper.

latest news: today i went over for a cook out at my friend mischa's house. she is a couple months older than me, but we are about the same size. i'll try to get my dad to post some pics. we looked cute! i had a good time with her. her sisters blew bubbles...we loved that.