Saturday, January 14, 2006

my trip home

for those of you wondering, my trip home was great. mom and dad fed me before we got on the plane in oklahoma city. i whined a little when we first got on the plane, but dad settled me down...and that's it! it helped a lot that we had virtually no layover in chicago, just enough time to change my nappy, mom and dad picked up a couple sandwiches, and get to the gate...not even time for them to eat the sandwiches, but they said they preferred it that way. i still don't get eating. once we settled into our big flight, they put me in this collapsable ziploc kind of bed on the floor in between them. i slept great, but only 5 hours. i slept more when we got settled into our taxi on the way home. mom and dad said it was the shortest travel time yet for a trip between london and oklahoma city.

on friday i pooped out at 7:30 that night. i slept until 11:30 saturday morning, that's 16 hours. well, i woke up enought to eat a couple times, but that's it. saturday i only took a couple half hour naps, and konked out at 7:30 again. my parents hope to push that back to about 9:00 within the next couple days, but i am doing way better than them. they are out of control. for some reason they seem to be having a hard time taking care of me on my "schedule" and getting on one of their own. they are really whiny and cranky right now.

so, as usual, i am doing great, but i am not so sure about my parents...i hope they get it together soon.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

i am overwhelmed

it's hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago the only life i knew was so simple. hanging out with my mom all day (mostly listening to cheesy pop music on the radio), chillin with my dad in the evenings and on weekends (we love to watch MASH and american football together).

next thing i know my ears are killing me (actually i did better on the flights than either of my parents) and we have landed in some alternate reality.

oklahoma is a land of more grandparents then i could ever have imagined! the sun is so bright here and the weather feels like summer (it shouldn't, but global warming is a good thing right now!). i have met many friends who have been waiting for me for years. american football is on television all the time. i have "ridden" a tractor at papa guinn's. okay, does this christmas thing happen everywhere or what? if not, you guys are really missing out.

this week my parents are taking me to a magical place called "broken bow". they thought i might stay with one of my grandmas but they can't stand the thought of being away from me. come on guys, cut the cord already! anyway, they seem to think it will be a lot of fun. i have already been to such exotic places as shawnee, norman,...and slaughterville (for real, that's the name).

everyone wants to hold me and take my picture. the picture thing is cool, as long as they work around me. i'm kinda getting the hang of looking at the camera, but my favorite pics are the ones where i am looking at a person (see "smiley pic"). as for the holding, i'm just not used to it. i mean, my mom holds me and all, but she's got stuff to do like laundry, cooking, cleaning...she's a busy woman at home. and when we get back she'll add work. it's the same with dad. so, being passed from person to person for several hours in a row is a bit much for a little girl to take. so, here's my disclaimer. if you try to hold me and i cry, don't take it personally, it's probably not you. i'm probably just what my mom calls "overstimulated" and need a break. i still have a long way to go in my social skill development!

i also want to send a thank you shout out to all of my new friends and family who have given me all the great stuff! you guys rock!