Sunday, February 19, 2006

Learning to let go

well, i have learned how to take my dummy out of my mouth very well. i like grabbing onto it, pulling it out of my mouth, looking at it, turning it over in my hands. it's kinda like a toy. i am starting to learn to put it back in. but what i haven't figured out is how to let go of it so i'm not just sticking it in and pulling it out over and over. when i get frustrated my mom and dad help me, but i really want to learn to do it on my own soon.

i have several new things to share. i no longer ride in my car seat in my buggy. now i ride in the big part...and face forward. mom and i both have had to get used to that the last couple days. i like being able to see. turns out there is more to the world than i knew! plus even more people stop to smile at me and talk to me. i can sit up when i feel like it, or mom can lay me back if i need a sleep. mom has lost some storage space, but says the buggy is lighter now.

well, i survived more shots. i did really well. i cried and pouted for about 2 minutes total, one for each leg! i didn't get weighed, we have to go to the clinic for that, they don't do that at the doctors office. mom said she knows where that is, but it's only open specific days and times, so she's not sure when we'll make it down. she told me not to worry though, i look healthy and am very happy and that is the important thing. she says there is plenty of time to worry about my weight. i think she likes not knowing, its one less thing for her to be neurotic about!

her latest worry is sleep. she thought i was doing great, but then she read her stupid baby book. it says i should be getting 14 1/2 hours of sleep a day. so now she has started keeping track. i wish she would give me a break. i know when i am tired and i tell her, then she and dad help me go to sleep if i need it. really, do we need more drama, mom?

i'm a junior floaty! okay, well not officially, but mom will sign me up for my first swim class this week. it doesn't start till march 11 though. i have a swim suit (actually 2!) and mom just got me special swimming nappies. we are so excited. i am sad that dad will be out of town for the big first class, but grandma donna will be here, so that makes me happy.

i have a new trick. i turn my tongue up out of my mouth and suck my upper lip. it sounds kinda gross when i explain it, but it is really cute. my dad just saw me do it today for the first time and he confirmed it is cute, but mom and i already knew that.

dad has been kinda sick this week. his allergies/sinus gunk have been bothering him so he hasn't been sleeping well, either. plus he had a retreat to lead a couple days last week. i hope he feels better soon. he hasn't be snuggling with me, in case he could get me sick with his germs. being sick doesn't look fun so i think i'm going to try to not get sick. i sure do miss his cuddles though, they are the bomb!

by the way, i have seen my mom and dad's come no one ever comments on my blog?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

life at 4 months

i can't believe i have to go to bed before my first superbowl even starts. dad says it is very special that it is my first superbowl and the steelers are in it. he says i am good luck for the guys! i guess i am about the closest thing to a cheerleader the black and gold have. mom likes that about the steelers and says she is happy for me to be a cheerleader for them as long as i keep my clothes on and don't shake it like a hoochie-mama. i don't really know what she is talking or most of the time.

i have started giving "hugs". really what i do is turn my forehead right into mommy or daddys face while they are holding me. i close my eyes and rub my forehead back and forth. i guess its not an actual hug, but its me being cuddly. as far as kisses go, i still just open my mouth if you kiss me on it.

i have decided i love having my nappy changed. i start kicking my legs, open my eyes real big, and get my serious look. then, once i am flapping in the breeze, after being wiped i start chatting up a storm...and keep my legs kicking...through the whole thing. it feels so good to be fresh and clean!

we have a big week this week. i have to go to the doctor again and get more shots. mom keeps trying to explain to me that even though it hurts for a little bit that it helps keep me healthy...but i'm pretty clueless. i guess i'll figure it out when i actually get the shot. we are also going to talk to the doctor about starting on real food. i turned four months yesterday and that is when my friend isabella started. maybe it's time for me to start eating chicken wings too. they sound delicious. okay, maybe i won't start with chicken wings...

i am getting really good at holding myself up when i am on my belly. i haven't rolled over, but get pretty close sometimes when i am on my back. i guess this is not the way most babies do it, but i really like stretching and wiggling on my back more than my stomach.

i have been playing with my mat isabella gave me alot. i love batting around the different animals. i can't decide if i like the part that plays music, and i pretty much haven't discovered the mirror or pictures yet. but i am sure i will figure it out soon.

as for eating, i am still doing very well. i am up to 7 oz. now. i don't need the little baby tips any more...even when i'm tired. i have started recognizing my bottle. when i see it or when my mom or dad put my bib on i start getting really whiny. i don't realize i am hungry until then, but once i figure out its time to eat it's the only thing i can think about!

i go to bed at 8:00 almost every night. some nights i sleep better than others, and some nights i need my dummy more than others. but i can usually be persuaded to sleep until 8-10 in the morning. not bad for my age!

my drool problem seems to be getting worse. i am sticking more and more things in my mouth and like chewing on pretty much anything. i don't like it when i can't get my toys into my mouth, so my parents hang them down real low off my car seat and play mat.

today at church i smiled a lot at peter. my mom really likes him. he's a little older than me and moves around alot, so that's interesting. i really like watching most of the bigger kids. i can't wait until i can run around and play with them. mom says by the time i am their size they will be bigger, but that there are some other babies close to my age (and yet to be born) that i will be able to run around with.

My first Superbowl!

Me and daddy dressed in black and gold!