Monday, November 05, 2007

the many uses of the word "snug"

my dad has just taught me the word snug. he uses it when we get under the blanket together on the sofa. sometimes he tries to watch football, but i usually ask for diego or peter pan. but i have decided its such a great word that we should use it more ways. the other day he was under a blanket on the sofa and i crawled in with him. i said "dada snug...and lyvi snug...2 snugs". i think it makes a great noun. before that we were under the blanket together and i said "we're snugging." see, it also works as a verb.

i hope you are all snug!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

i say the darnedest things

the thing is, i don't really know that i am being funny. and that seems to make the grown ups around me find me even more funny. here is a short list of the funny things i have said recently

"thank you god for juice" -my usual list is gideon (ghea), kate, rich (witch), grandma, pap, map (a character off dora the explorer which mom always reminds me is not a real person), dada, momma, and becca. sometimes i add in my friends mischa and ethan (eat-eat) just to mix it up a little.

"merci beaucoup, thank you very much" (i was a big hit in france with that one, but i say it in both languages like its one word)

"hello this is jamie" (while holding daddy's mobile up to my ear after spending the morning at work with momma)

(and, in preparation for the christmas trip home, last week)
momma: lyvi, say oklahoma
lyvi: poh-poh-momma

(and this week)
momma: lyvi, say oklahoma
lyvi: pokey-momma

i talk about anything on "go diego go" at almost any time, but some of my most common recurring themes are...
maned wolf
...evidently these aren't animals that many other one year olds talk about.

also, anything and everything can, at any time, be lying down or sad and crying (those two always go together)... stuffed animals, crayons, juice cups, broccoli...pretty much anything.

my current favorite song is 'i'm a little teapot' but i really just like the 'tip me over' part. a couple weeks ago i went through a 'jesus loves me' phase, and i am so over 'itsy bitsy spider'. but i am always up for pretty much any song from the wizard of oz, although 'we're off to see the wizard' is what i request. i also love songs from boz, diego, and dora (we did it). and if its got a good beat, i just have to get up and dance.

i have also learned 'scared'. so sometimes i talk about being scared of the goose when we went to the farm, or the wind in the trees, the hoover or blender, or if the birds suddenly fly out of the trees. i am now learning happy and that it goes with smile.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Couldn't be more excited about the Coliseum.

Inside the Vatican. Lyvie decided that "Keep Off the Grass" did not apply to her.

Daddy and Lyvie and the Italian countryside.

Cheesy tourist photo.

Just plain cheese!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Me and the fam!

Friends From Afar...

This week mommy and daddy had some friends visit from Oklahoma who just happened to have a little girl too! We had fun playing together all week even though our parents spent the entire time trying to pressure us into learning what the other one was good at. Thanks for visiting Isabella, it was fun!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

so much to learn

sorry it's been awhile since i have written, but i have been really busy. i've been working on mathematics, literature, and dance pretty hard.

i can count 1 and 2. i can't quite get my thumb down for 2, but i know i'm supposed to. i recognize the numbers, but the letter s looks alot like 2, especially if it is capitalized, so sometimes that still throws me off. i can also do 5 (i mean, come on, it's so easy, just open your hand). i watch when mom, dad, or bec, do 3 and 4, but i'm still just thinking about it.

reading is amazing. i had no idea how many fascinating stories were out there. i love having someone read the same book over and over, especially if they have animals, because then i get to make the noises. my mom swears that i can recognize the letter b, but that is yet to be confirmed, although she is convincing bec.

i have added a new squat dance move to my swaying. mom says its good for my leg muscles. but the big news is that i can do all the motions to itsy bitsy spider. mom and dad are trying to get some video footage to post, but everytime the camera comes out i stop everything and go for the lens cap dangling from the camcorder. i hope it won't be too long before dad lets me have a go at using the camera. he and bec are pretty greedy with the cameras.

my vocabulary is taking off. my words don't sound all that different sometimes (for example, "gah" means flower and car), but somehow i make myself understood. i love talking...loud and alot.

mom and i have started working on learning stairs (don't worry, there are impenetrable gates at the top and bottom now). she keeps lecturing me on how heavy i am getting and has started taking the bus when it's just the two of us as much as possible. (easier on/off than lugging me in my buggy down the steps at the tube station). there are a couple stations that don't have stairs, those are her favourites.

i pretty much spend all day every day pointing to things and going "mmm". that means, what is that? and i want to know what everything is. over and over again. sometimes it seems to exhaust the grown ups, but there is so much to learn.

i can't believe my dad posted pics of me in my bathing embarrassing.